Options for Financing Equipment

From software and computers to heavy machinery and diagnostic tools, equipment is necessary for a business to operate successfully. Oxford Voss Commercial Capital offers several financial solutions designed to help companies of all sizes afford the equipment they need. Equipment financing offers you an avenue to obtain equipment without tying up all of your company’s cash flow.

Programs We Offer

Because every company has individual needs, Oxford Voss Commercial Capital offers a variety of equipment financing programs. Your business may qualify for any of the programs listed below.

  • B, C and D Programs: This option extends financing options to businesses with credit histories that are less than ideal.
  • Sale and Lease-Back Programs: Oxford Voss Commercial Capital purchases the equipment outright and allows you to make many monthly payments with the intent of retaining ownership after the equipment is paid off.
  • Startup Programs: New companies with limited credit histories qualify for equipment loans with this program.
  • Government and Municipal Programs: Fire houses, police stations, libraries and other public entities are guaranteed approval for funding.

Benefits of Equipment Leasing

Choosing to lease equipment instead of financing it gives you the freedom to upgrade machinery as new models emerge. This eliminates equipment obsolescence and allows you to preserve existing credit lines. You can also free up the cash you have on hand and use it for other needs.

Reasons To Finance Equipment

If you choose to finance the equipment you need with a loan from Oxford Voss Commercial Capital, you stand to receive loan amounts of up to $500,000 with no down payment required. We offer a variety of payment structures to fit your individual needs. This option also allows you to retain ownership of the equipment once it has been paid off.

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Your company can obtain the machinery it needs by obtaining an equipment financing loan from Oxford Voss Commercial Capital. Contact us today to discuss your individual needs and determine which loan option is most beneficial for your business.